Neptune in Pisces: The Great Resignation. The masses are learning to be, accept the present moment, and rebel against the work force (kindly). Also, Wu Wei and the art of just being, doing nothing (very little), and resting

So, there seems to be, at the moment, a soft rebellion, against the workplace, in America. It seems that the masses are tired of workplace politics, the being laid off, the being treated as less than in some instances, and the anxious ridden, uncertainty of what’s going to happen to the job market, the economy, as well as Covid-19, during this choppy pandemic.

So, millions (3.6 million to 4 million) according to most sources, state that millions in the US are striking back, by resigning, quitting, or just plain taking step back, from working, for awhile. The unsteady and insecure nature of the state of the world, along with the office nepotism (and favoritism), probably played a part in people’s burnt out impression of the modern workplace.

The exhausting and sometimes, humiliating, journey, of jumping through millions of hoops, just to get a decent paying job has some people resenting the workplace, and its tireless rules.

In astrology, work, and the work place is related to Virgo and Capricorn. It also is related to the 6th and 10th house. So, astrologically, this whole Great Resignation, if you believe that is what it is, and what it should be called, is probably related to Pluto in Capricorn, but also Neptune in Pisces.

Any astrologer would know why Neptune in Pisces is related. Pisces is the opposite of Virgo’s strong and frenetic work ethic. Virgo’s fast, anxious, and hair-splitting speed is compatible and in alignment with the workplace, the ‘real world’ as people would like to call it, and the practical paper-heavy vibes of the office. Pisces, the opposite, sign, is the total opposite of Virgo’s neurotic lifestyle. Pisces is laid back, blissfully peaceful, and of a slower pace. In short, it is the energy of rest and sleep, as well as the energy of just being. Pisces, along with Taurus, in my opinion, are two of the signs that are the greatest at ‘being’, they are the yin energy of just sitting and waiting for things that are in your vibrational account to come to you.

Pisces just sits there and rests, while things that are in alignment with their vibration comes to them. Of course, Pisces being the intuitive type, will sit and wait for these feelings of intuitive pulls and urges to tell them where to bank next for their employment. Virgo will voraciously search for the newspapers and job boards to see where they are headed next, while Pisces might still peek, but will go where the ‘flow’, and emotional urges lead them. Pisces could learn from the fact finding and action-oriented lifestyle of Virgo, of course, because intuition also comes from action, observation, and living. In an ideal work, a mix of these two signs’s (Virgo and Pisces) energies will serve a person greatly, instead of leaning too far one way, or the other.

So now that we know know why Neptune in Pisces is related to The Great Resignation, it’s good to know why, practicality, are doing what they do. It seems that Employers sometimes overplay their hand (though most of the time it may not be on purpose or consciously), and it smells of Pluto in Capricorn’s influence: Abuse of power (Pluto) by some employers (Capricorn).

There’s also the government’s need to control other people’s lives, and beliefs, in some countries halfway around the world. And in some of those places, they are passively protesting this overplay of power. In some Eastern Countries, they call it Wu Wei.

So, it seems, in some places, that people are going into a rebellion mode against the iron fists of some employers, and governments. You can see this in some countries. This mini-rebellion, might not even be anything to do with the employers, or the government, but just a sort of general malaise against the insecurity of the pandemic and future. Not every rebellion is personal, or even warranted. Employers, on the other hand, sometimes forget the pressure they put on their employees, and how overwhelming it can be. So, are both sides just projecting an invisible enemy? Employers also play into the quotas and own subjective measuring sticks that they make up, and they forget to think of the points of views of the employees, and future employees. Employers are also playing along with the system, and the government, also, so who’s the villain here? The Employer, the employee (s), the government, or the whole system?

We could point the finger at anyone, and the answer is at least, partly, that some people are just worn out. Some people hate their job, and they just need an outlet, a break, and/or a reason for going on in their job. This is where Wu Wei comes into play. Wu Wei is the art and philosophy that means ‘non-doing’ or ‘doing nothing’. This, could, unfortunately, be taken out of context!

Wu Wei is more accurately described as being in flow, going with the stream of life, and making effortless action, while at the same time, being at peace, doing the most tedious, frenetic, and consuming, tasks. Perhaps the more Western phrase is ‘inspired action’?

It is also the subtle realization that the world takes care of itself, and has its own system, while, at the same time, it is the art of letting things happen. For example, our breathing happens unconsciously, without our conscious intervention. And another way to look at it, is that the Earth has its own system in the water system, that involves manifestations such as rain, evaporation, and condensation. Us humans do not have to ‘put our hands on it’ and ‘control’ it. The Earth and its water has its own system, and rain cycle.

Wu Wei is our related Pisces’s philosophy of ‘letting things be’ or ‘inspired action’. Again, in an idea world, the energies of Virgo and Pisces would be used in moderation. Piscean energy, and Wu Wei energy, taken to an extreme, or a dark place, leads to apathy, slothfulness, and toxic passivity. So, of course any sign, or energy, has a dark manifestation of it.

All in all, people are anxious about the future, leading to some to passively rebel against the work force, and even their government. At the least, these people will have gained some refreshed energies, and minds. Perhaps this is the upside of the Covid-19 pandemic? At the most, some have found that they make a great employee at home.

Sometimes a human body just needs rest, which is where Piscean energies comes in. And sometimes, a person just needs a break.

North Node in Taurus: Divine stubbornness, also, be still, and know that ‘he/she’ is God

People tend to view stubbornness as a negative. And can you blame them? In our fast paced society, slowness and stubbornness is viewed as being ‘dumb’ or ‘being left behind’. But, Taurus has a wisdom that modern society does not, in fact, fully understand. Or, simply does not understand enough.

In modern society, and even spirituality, there’s a philosophy of ‘moving towards flow’, and also moving at a half-second (in a snap), towards flow, by following one’s intuition. We are to follow the signs of the universe, and then life is supposed to flow and be nice, to us. This is very true, but it is only one aspect of the puzzle.

Modern spirituality lacks the scope that some people are extremely traumatized. Traumatized by different things: By physical abuse as a child, high school bullying, physical injuries, accidents, and even just plain verbal abuse. If someone were to have trauma, it would be hard for them to just snap, sit up, and simply follow the signs of the universe.

With a person’s lack of trust in life, their parents, authority figures, and possibly the government. It’s possible a person has been so traumatized that it would be hard for them to trust God. This isn’t universal for everyone, though. For some people, following their intuition, or the signs, are easy, even with the trauma. It is because God, the universe, and/or, spirituality, are the only things that haven’t failed them yet! Trauma affects people differently, as well as how traumatized someone is.

And finally, those that have tried spirituality, and found that it didn’t work, for them. And bam! Another betrayal by another system, or authority figure!

And now, in order to undo all the trauma, lack of confidence, and distrust in life, a person might have to undo it all slowly.

It is possible the person missed some pieces of the puzzle in spirituality, or was ignorant about an aspect of spirituality. And even though the ‘betrayal’ was half their fault, it is still a valid scope, from their consciousness. And even though the negative experience with spirituality was perhaps from bad timing, their consciousness is still valid, and it is within their right to feel whatever they feel. And the effects of the experience, while subjective, are real to the point of view of the person.

A certain amount of stubbornness, or not moving so fast, can be healthy for one to undo all the negative wiring from childhood. Moving to fast, it is as if a person’s lungs can’t catch up to the air pressure at higher elevations. I’d say earth signs, overall, have a habit of doing things steadily, working forward, plodding forward, in a steady manner, until they reach their goals.

Taurus is good at this. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is a them for them. Undoing negative self-talk, trauma, and hopelessness, takes time. And this where moving at one’s pace is a good thing.

And one more thing ‘steady progress’ is good for, is figuring out what one wants to do with their life. Taurus can be meditative, literally, and metaphorically, just grazing on the grass, and then bam! An intuitive inspiration comes from their inner being. The fast pace of modern society, like indecisive job hoppers (I’m not judging, just observing, I job hopped in my twenties, a lot), can make one’s spirit feel unstable, unsure, and lack direction. Jumping from one thing to the next, which Taurus doesn’t like to do, can ruin one’s stability. Even if one’s intuition is telling them to jump to another job, a person might not necessarily be ready…..the next day. They may switch to another job two months later.

‘Be still and know that I am God’. Only when one learns to stay still enough, or stays in one job, or place, long enough, it gives the person’s unconscious mind, to sift through information, and details, in order for one to make better decisions. There is, of course, the shadow side of Taurus, which is another subject for another day. But, Taurus teaches us to breath, slow down, and gives us time to observe our information through a calmer lens.

“Be still and know that I am God.” There is something divine about slowing down, putting on the breaks, and inhaling the air around us.

The coming North Node in Taurus: Keeping Zen, or economic troubles!!?

The North Node will be Taurus in 2022 and the first half of 2023. What does this mean? Along with the North Node in Taurus, Uranus will also conjunct it, around mid to late 2022.

I can only speculate, because with Uranus anything can happen, and here are my opinions. I predict more lockdowns, and this will cause people to need government assistance, causing the government to hand out more handouts! Don’t be surprised if there is more inflation (via the North Node in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus). Perhaps the tech (Uranus) sector of the stock market, and economy, will be shaky (Uranus) and affected during this time.

Perhaps there will be technology (Uranus) that is new and that comes through that may save the economy. Maybe the economy will shock us and improve, and go up. It may signify currency will become electronic, this time. And currency may be used to control the masses. This also goes along with America’s transit of Pluto in Capricorn through the second house.

However, the positive aspects of this transit and aspect of all this Tauruean energy. People really want peace, they want simplicity and beauty. Perhaps they’re even tired of intensity (South Node in Scorpio), polarization (Scorpio), and doom (Scorpio). At least, for the one and a half year, this transit, comes, there’s a desire for calm and serenity, which the South Node in Scorpio may unconsciously hate, at times. Maybe people will find peace in innovative (Uranus) and rebellious (Uranus) ways.

Our human psyche isn’t meant for doom-and-gloom (Scorpio) all the time. We need peace, no matter how the facts, data, or information, says. We’ll create it in our minds no matter what anything, or anyone, says! Perhaps we’ll surprise the masses by innovating ways to be more peaceful!

My prediction, for America, for the next 20 years! Including our delicious Pluto Return

America will enter its first Pluto Return, exact, in 2022. In fact, it will be exact three times in 2022! The first exact to America’s natal Pluto in Capricorn will be around February 20, or 21. The second will be around July 10, 2022, and the third, and final exact Pluto Return transit will be December 28, 2022. All these dates are subject to change, because the dates become more clearer, and we get a more exact picture, as the time gets closer to these dates. I am going by the Sibley chart, the chart where America is 12 degrees Sagittarius.

When it comes to astrological predictions, a reader must not take any astrologer’s prediction (s) to heart, too literally. Astrology is like the weather, it can change in just a few hours! Also, add in free will and you have an unpredictable combination of things. Also, some aspects, stelliums, and transits, are more energetic markers for the next few years, or even decades, rather than a specific event. Astrology sometimes announces probabilities rather than exact, and specific events, and even dates.

So, let’s start with America’s coming Pluto Return, exact, in 2022, and how it will affect America in 2022, and after. In 2022, Pluto in 27 degrees Capricorn will return, and transit, America’s natal 27 degrees Pluto in Capricorn. This transit will be in America’s second house. So, what does this mean, and what will happen in 2022, and after?

In my opinion, it may be as subtle as just realizing that America is past its peak, and that’s it. Or, it may be as extreme, catastrophic, and intense, as an economic depression where millions of Americans starve, some to death, and the whole American economic system collapses. It could also be something in between those two extremes. I can only tell you my personal opinion, and that’s the best I can do. I personally, believe it’s going to be something in between, and add in that the 2022 American Pluto return will be a seed marker, and will spread over the next decade, or two, rather than any specific event. In truth, a transit like America’s Pluto return can show up even years before its exact transit. For example, Donald Trump announcing running for president in 2015, and the 2016 election. And his presidency from 2017 to 2021.

Don’t forget Covid-19 in 2020, and 2021. It seems like America’s Pluto Return has already ‘started’, in a sense. We also must not forget the specific meaning of the transit, which is in Capricorn, in the second house. But, what does Capricorn, in the second house, mean?

First, in my opinion, Capricorn represents the economy and the government. Second, the second house, can symbolize currency, money, goods, and the economy. In my opinion, nothing specific will happen in 2022, it will just be a slow realization over the years, and decades, that America needs a reconstruction, rather than any explosive, immediate, event. I just don’t see the government doing anything too drastic to change the whole system, of the United States, and economy, to completely rehaul, things! Why? A complete rehaul means a we have to live three, or more years, in extreme poverty, hunger, and severe mental, and economic, depression! And I just don’t see that happening, unless there’s extremely environmental pressures. Add in that if the US economy completely collapses, the rest of the world will be affected, too, severely!

With the return being in the second house, I can see inflation going up, the US government handing out more government assistance due to Covid-19. That might be the 2nd house part of the Pluto Return transit. I can also see the government, and the American people, learning a new way to budget, or at least dumping the old way of spending carelessly, and in a limitless, way. The ‘death’ part of the return might be that. The rebirth might be living more scrupulously. Things just can’t go back to the way they were. Personally, I think it’s more the American people who will change their budgeting, and spending, rather than the government. Because, who trusts the government, at least completely, in 2021?

An new economic boom?

Don’t be shocked if by 2022, the economy starts to go up, along with the stock market. This ‘rebirth’ phase of Pluto might play out that way. But, don’t expect a 1980’s and 1990’s type of economic boom, those days are over. I can see the economy going up, up, up from 2022 to 2032, and then a possible stock market, and economic, crash, in 2032, and/or 2033, because of Uranus and Saturn’s transit to Cancer then. America is a Sun in Cancer, and I suspect that perhaps by then either the we will experience another painful economic downturn, the same size as the 2008 stock market crash, or we will lose the worldwide reserve currency status. Or both! But, I don’t see a total collapse of the whole US economic system.

Trump might win again in 2024

He’s a Gemini with a North Node in Gemini. Add in that he also has Uranus in Gemini. His Uranus return is coming up in 2025, and after. His North Node in Gemini is also conjunct his natal Uranus in Gemini. If Trump wins again, there might be rebellion, revolution, and violence.

The United States’s chart has Mars in Gemini conjunct Uranus in Gemini. Our own Uranus return (our third Uranus return) is coming. If Trump win, he triggers a karmic connection (whether for good, or ill) with the United States. This connection (karmic, or not) will cause revolution (Uranus, along with the connection of the United States’s Mars and Uranus in Gemini, connecting with Trump’s North Node in Gemini conjunct his Uranus in Gemini) and chaos. This is only if Trump wins.

One world currency? Electronic currency?

This brings me to my last prediction for America’s Pluto return. Perhaps the government will bring a unified, and global, currency, worldwide. The Pluto return, in America’s 2nd house, may signify that. The 2nd house is the house of money and currency. Pluto is power. Perhaps America becomes even more powerful through a unified currency, and that currency may be electronic rather than physical. And the Pluto return being in Capricorn may signify the government abusing its power, or overplaying its hand.

At the end of the day, no one knows what precisely is going to happen, unless you’re a psychic, or you’re deep in the know from underground sources. And even then, everything changes every half a second, so destiny is not written in stone. Astrology is like reading the weather, we have an idea of the possible outlets, and energies, but no exact, idea of how things will play out.

After the Pluto Return

And what about the transit effecting the United States after our Pluto return, around 2016 to 2028? I believe that the people of America (Moon in Aquarius) will transform. The Moon in a country’s chart is its people. And with Pluto in Aquarius (2023 to 2044) transitting our Moon in Aquarius, the demographic (s) of the country will change. I heard that by 2025, there will be more minority (racial) school children than Caucasian children. Or, it will be equal for both demographics. And I also heard that by around 2043, that racial minorities will finally be over fifty percent, making Caucasian people (if you count Latino whites as part of the racial minority group) the minority for the first time in history. This is non-Latino whites, as the minority, of course. The racial minority will then be the majority. And they will be the majority just in time for Pluto’s transit in Pisces, in 2043 (fully in 2044).

There will be teachings of race in primary schools, and grade schools all throughout the United States, this may spark rebellion (Uranus) through the school system (Uranus in Gemini, Gemini being primary school). And there will be anger (Mars) and verbal (Gemini) fighting (Mars) against things such as critical race theory. This all partly has to do with America’s Mars and Uranus in Gemini hitting the coming transit of Uranus in Gemini (2025 and after).

Finally, Neptune in Aries will find us fighting over gun laws. It will also be a hidden (Neptune) type of anger (Aries) over many things. There will be anger and perhaps verbal fighting (Neptune in Aries) and war over ideologies, whether we should be in the Middle East, and fighting (even if it’s verbal) over whose (Democrats or Republicans) dreams and ideals (Neptune) of the future will be ‘right’.

These are just my ideas, and opinions, please do not take them to heart too much. I do think there’s a chance we become even more powerful (Pluto) as a nation, and we will reborn out of the division, and infighting, that is going on in the country!

If Only People Knew How Important Their Thoughts Are

There are a lot of people out there (billions) that don’t believe that their thoughts and emotions create their reality. And I don’t blame them one bit. If the average lay person were to become spiritually enlightened in one sweep, they would realize that everything is consciousness! They would also realize that everything is related to thought and the mind. Everything! The trees, their pet dog, their car, their demanding boss, the psychopath that has killed eighty people, all the solar systems, all the galaxies in the universe, all the tiny dung beetles in the world, and if you believe in other universes through black holes, all those universes are a part of consciousness, and the mind ,too.

If everyone on Earth knew this, they hypothetically might stop, collect their breaths, and think better thoughts. Thinking positively isn’t ‘the end all and be all’ of life, but it’s a huge deal. Your thoughts are so powerful and important it could heal your physical ailments and mental illnesses.

Your thoughts help create your reality over time. It could even help you come up with ideas to block your bullies from harassing you. A simple Zen Buddhist story said,

“There was a person coming to a new village, relocating, and he was wondering if he would like it there, so he went to the zen master and asked: do you think I will like it in this village? Are the people nice?

The master asked back: How were the people on the town where you come from? “They were nasty and greedy, they were angry and lived for cheating and stealing,” said the newcomer.

Those are exactly the type of people we have in this village, said the master.

Another newcomer to the village visited the master and asked the same question, to which the master asked: How were the people in the town where you come from? “They were sweet and lived in harmony, they cared for one another and for the land, they respected each other and they were seekers of spirit,” he replied.

Those are exactly the type of people we have in this village, said the master.”

Now when it comes to the Zen story above, I’m not saying be unrealistic, that everything will all work in one day, or to quit your job and become a theatrical hammy. I’m saying that attitude matters and to be patient. It might not always be easy, but let’s not make it harder than it already is either.

The Second Saturn Return of Eckhart Tolle

And now we come to the current era of Eckhart Tolle. His publishing of his famous book, The Power of Now and his rise to prominence.

Eckhart Tolle published his book, The Power of Now, in 1997, under Namaste Publishing. I am not sure if the book was a success right away, I just know that he probably did not reach his height of fame yet, even in the late 1990’s. Two years later, the same book, was published under New World Library. The Power of Now would reach the New York Time’s best seller list, and keep on there, climbing and selling on the best seller list. His increase in popularity came a year later, in 2000, when popular talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, recommended him, and his book, in her hot selling magazine, O. The hype caught on to readers, Oprah’s viewers, and the new age public. This helped the book stay on the best seller list and increase even more in popularity.

Not everything happened at once. Eckhart Tolle had told an audience once, at one of his retreats, that he had an ‘inner knowing’, an intuition if you will, about moving from where he was then, in a country place of Glastonbury, England, to the West Coast of North America, and this was in the early to mid-1990’s, before the publishing of his novel, The Power of Now.

He decided to go with his inner voice and move to Vancouver, British Columbia. With the success of his novel, The Power of Now, and with the help of high powered celebrities loving the book, such as Cher, and Paris Hilton, Eckhart was on the precipice of fame.

Forward to 2007 and an interview with Oprah. Eckhart Tolle would have been about 58, or 59 years old. He has Saturn in 18 degrees Saturn in Leo. Saturn was in Leo back from 2005 to 2007. It sounds like the 2007 Oprah interview would have been at the tail end of Eckhart Tolle’s Saturn Return. This is textbook Saturn energy. There’s a long delay of working, working, and waiting, and then whoosh! The harvest, and rewards, come! At Eckhart Tolle’s second Saturn Return, he becomes fully famous, reaping the rewards of his good harvest from the previous roughly 30 years of life!

Then in 2008 and 2009, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey hosted a series of webinars pertaining to Eckhart book, A New Earth. A New Earth was released in 2005, around the time of the beginning of Eckhart Tolle’s Saturn Return. Again, another sign of Saturn’s harvest coming to fruition after many years of plowing and planting seeds. By this time, Eckart Tolle was a spiritual superstar. And in 2009 he even had an interview on ABC news.

Although some of these events were post-Saturn Return, they are close enough to warrant a Saturnian flavor to their fruition. I bet, by the end of his Saturn Return, his life is more fruitful than it was at age 8, 18, or 28 years old. Eckhart Tolle’s story is one of struggle, realization, hope, reaping, and most of all, one’s belief in one’s self. And with his natal Saturn in Leo, what a journey it has been! And until next time, this is the journey of Eckhart Tolle’s second Saturn return!

12th house in Gemini: ‘Lost’ information

Information in the universe is never lost, it just changes form. Through the lens of light perception, all information flies through the universe, and lives on forever, in some form, or another.

The universe sees all, knows all, and never loses information. All is consciousness, perception, and all is mind. The universe knows the past, present, and future. It knows all the possible manifestations and effects of a choice of action.

To the limited human mind, information is ‘lost’, or ‘gone.’ To the universe, this is untrue. A brain is a powerful tool, but it limits all the information, waves, and energies that we could see if it wasn’t for our limited egoic brain. The universe is akin to a universal mind that can hear all the radio channels that are in the here and now. It can also hear all the radio channels from the past and future. And all the possible combinations of possible future channels and radio waves.

Information is never lost, it just travels somewhere else, or it simply changes form. In my opinion, information is related to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). Gemini is imperfect information; it is not necessarily factual, truthful, complete, or well defined.

Gemini rules the radio, media, books, small gadgets, or anything that feeds the mind. But Gemini’s information can also include opinions, thoughts, and entertainment, rather than the factual and the informative. Geminis can be entertaining, exciting, curious, adventurous, and swift!

This writing is an intro to my four part series on the mutable signs, and information. Be sure to join me, in my next four writings, explaining how all four of the mutable signs are connected to information, and the process of how information changes, or is organized.

With Gemini in the 12th house, information is lost. For the 12th house rules information ‘that is not seen’. And Gemini rules information. In the 12th house, everything dissolves into one another, everything merges with each other into one thing, or ‘oneness’.

But information, to the universe, is never lost, it just changes form, or merges. To the universe or God, information is never lost, or forgotten. It only seems so to the human eye.

Everything is consciousness: The trees, stars, moon, insects, animals, oceans, people, galaxies, black holes, the dirt on the ground, and more.

I will post more on this ‘mutable signs’ series in the coming weeks. Have a good week, reader.


Dear God letter.


Dear God,

I had a horrible day today. I went to get my haircut today and had to deal

with a gossipy and invasive woman. I was very uncomfortable talking to her and my

thoughts from times I was humiliated back in my school days came back to me.

I was maneuvering my words around this woman and then she dropped one of her

brushes. It was nice seeing the woman bend down to pick her utensil up. It was nice

seeing her humbled. Thank you, God, for taking the time to disapprove of what the

woman was doing.

When I was done getting my haircut, I paid off my money and then a young

woman, roughly in her twenties, smiled at me.

I believe that you give me signs and hints of where I’m at in my life, and that you speak

through other people. Thank you, God, for showing me that I am loved and watched


Have you ever written a letter to God in your own head?

The first Saturn Return of Eckhart Tolle

M~ SUN0912-tolle 6

Eckhart Tolle is one of the most famous spiritualists in the world today. His book, The Power Of Now helped propel him to fame. Published in 1999, but by 2000, the book was a force to be reckoned with. Over the next decade and a half, the book has now become one of the most popular spiritual books of the new millennium.

Eckhart knows a lot about intuition and ‘stillness’, for he felt there was a second book ready to be born from him. Ready to be written. And finally, in 2005 A New Earth was published. Again, another hit. The man is widely praised, of course, with also many critics and naysayers watching his every move too.

But, how did Eckhart come to this place of success, and more importantly, happiness? His childhood was emotionally unstable, for his situation with his parents didn’t help his mental state. As he grew, he perhaps unconsciously slipped into situational bouts of depression, and anxiety.

He ended up being well educated as he grew up. But his bouts of depression, and anxiety continued despite his academic success. Eckhart admitted to even keeping up with his studies, not out of inspiration, but out of fear.

Then came Eckhart’s spiritual awakening experience. He was 29 years old and saw a splitting of his thoughts, and his ‘real self’. Perhaps Buddhists would call this a spiritual awakening, or enlightenment. After 29 years of struggling with his depression, and his mental stresses, this ‘breaking’ of his mental process from his ‘being’, he had found a profound peace that he had never felt in his 29 years of life.

This breakthrough was an extreme example that the Saturn Return can turn one person’s life upside down. Because thanks to this ‘awakening’ that Eckhart had, he later on went on to write ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth.’

For Saturn brings a rich harvest for those who live and walk their integrity. Sometimes after years of bitter tears and suffering.

Eckhart’s situational anxiety and depression had taught Eckhart enough. He no longer needed his anxiety and depression as his teacher. Eckhart teaches that some people need their suffering in order to learn. My guess is sometimes this suffering can last lifetimes.

This is part one of my Eckhart Tolle’s Saturn Return series. The Second one will come soon.

Your North Node, your lifetime

In astrology, the north node is a theme during one’s lifetime, from the time the person is born, until they pass away. It’s usually a struggle for the person to move away from their south node, until they get comfortable with their North Node. In fact, it may be a life long process, and an ongoing lesson for the person incarnated. It may be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be hell, or tedious, or even perplexing.

In truth, one doesn’t have to fret if they don’t meet the demands of the North Node right away, or even by the time they’re 30. It’s better to think of the North Node as a 80/90 year journey (unless the person dies early), instead of one abrupt, simple stroke.

Take a North node in the 12th house person. This means they have North Node in the 6th house. A 6th house South Node may mean the person spent many of their past lives (at least three??) being ‘on’, being an example for their community, working many jobs, analyzing, discerning, thinking, being obsessed with details, being responsible, etc, etc. Now, with their North Node in the 12th house, they are given many opportunities, to learn about 12th house subject, and to loosen their grip on their 6th house habits.

That’s not to say that they should just throw all of their South Node skills away. The name of ‘the game’ is balance. The 12th house North Node person, must balance over analyzing and driving themselves crazy with over-analysis, or overdoing their 12th house ‘letting go’ process. Of course, overplaying the 12th house ‘surrender’ games can lead to sloppy, muddy, and troublesome waters. How 12th house is that?

Don’t worry too much though, the North Node is a life long theme, not a fleeting moment type of thing. A person will have many chances to honor their North Node themes, and other lessons. Of course, if one believes in karma, or reincarnation, one must wonder if one’s choices will lead to repeating the North Node lesson. Of course, one may spend MORE THAN ONE LIFETIME, working on one subject. Do we get the same North Node for a few lifetimes, say, half a dozen? No one knows, but perhaps we might face, at

-least similar situations, and lessons, if one doesn’t learn it the first time, or second. Anyone reading seen Groundhog Day? If one feels they’ve failed a lesson, they must meditate and reflect. Of course, there is always free will, or one feels they don’t need to learn a lesson. It’s all up to the one incarnated into this 3D hologram, known as Earth. The universe is giving and loving, and will give said incarnated person, many chances.