The 12th house of healing

The 12th house can be a wonderful place. It is a place for healing and it is also a place for escape. It is a place to escape from the public eye and the noise of the world. It is a perfect place for anyone who has been hurt or hit with trauma. The 12th house rules hospitals, prisons, a mother’s womb, being close to God, water, big animals, forgiveness, and more.

It is too ethereal and elusive for this very violent and angry world. It is a place where one is one with the universe, or God. Some find the idea of the 12th house something to be feared or even eerie, yet I find a place of peaceful solitude.

One idea that scares people about the 12th house is that it is also the house of past life karmas. It is a place where many of our seeds/karma from past lives come back to haunt us. This is true, but what is also true is that there is good, or even great karma here also. Just think of the 12th house like the ocean. You cannot force your will against the waves, but you can learn to roll with the punches. This house is a place to be feared for control freaks and people who need to know everything.

An antidote for the anxieties towards this house is for the guest to surrender. Complete and utter surrender. It is because this house is so close to God, that we realize that we have limited control and knowledge about the universe. It is not the kind of surrender where you accept losing a war, or accept getting physically beaten up. It is the kind of surrender where you have done all you could in your power as a human being, and now you give it up to the universe, or God, for this higher power to take care of. It doesn’t mean let go of the steering wheel when you’re driving.

The 12th house also is related to mental hospitals. But mental hospitals, hospitals, and prisons, are places where people can learn to heal, rebuild, and get ready for the new beginning that begins in the 1st house.

It is a place for literal ghosts and spirits. They rest and some utter the pain they had during their earthly life, or incarnation. Be careful of the fog that exists in this house, but you’ll just have to trust that you’ll get help and get a clear path! Just sit back and let the pure waters of the 12th house soothe you, and heal you. What a peaceful place the 12th house can be.


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