Saturn’s last leg in Scorpio: Morbid!

 I saw a woman, about 25, who had a complete mental and emotional breakdown on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. She has an Aquarius Moon, which means that Saturn in Scorpio squares her Moon by sign. Her rant on Facebook was so intense, she even told her own father to screw (edited) off.

Some people are so miffed or intense right now, it’s as if all that they’ve held back has finally hit them. Everything from the past three years came to a big explosion. Don’t surprise if relationships that are weak, break. Don’t be surprised that there are going to be mental and emotional breakdowns. Also, lots of endings and ‘epiphany’ moments in life, right now. People are making lasting and important decisions this summer. As if this summer is a time for last hurrahs, and sad endings too.

Scorpio rules death, literal and figuratively. Watch as some are even driven towards suicides and how some literally die. The death side of Scorpio is morbid and intense but it’s an important, sometimes even karmic, side of life.

So say your prayers, keep well medicated if need be, and hang on until September, when Saturn goes into Sagittarius, for good. This summer is a bumpy ride. There is relief though, because on August 2, 2015, Saturn will go direct. Saturn, the slowest planet, finally moves forward, making things a lot less slow.

Not every dislikes Saturn in Scorpio but for a lot, it’s a bit to bite. The bite is too big for their mouths. Perhaps realizing that Saturn in Scorpio will be over in only two months will make it feel better. Even it going forward will be enough good news for most to stay sane. But for now, tie up loose ends baby! Tie it all up and begin anew in happy and optimistic Sagittarius. And maybe make some lemonade for this hot, intense, and sexy summer.