Saturn transits and harvesting your karma

Saturn transits are sometimes looked down as scary, cold, lonely, uncomfortable, and even downright cruel and sadistic. The sadistic part being Saturn, or at least Saturn being viewed as sadistic. There are some kernels of truth to these fears and points of views. However, there is also an upside to Saturn transits if you truly know how Saturn works.

You see, Saturn is the planet of karma. You reap what you sow with Saturn, and sometimes not even in the same lifetime. Saturn is a long term planner, even looking at multiple lives through the view of reincarnation. She expects moral perfection and professional perfection. Sounds ‘hard’ and ‘cold’, right? This, however, lives up to the reputation of Saturn being the disciplinarian and the one who punishes. She is a master hard ass.

She also rewards those who work hard and have integrity. Humans, however, are imperfect, morally and professionally. We have egos, we make mistakes, and sometimes we even make excuses. Saturn wants us to become better versions of ourselves and to treat ourselves, and others, with respect.

One thing about Saturn, however, is that Saturn also rewards. She rewards a person after many long and hard years of work. Those going through a victorious and golden Saturn transit probably had worked sometimes as much as ten, or twenty years to get to where they were, or are. For example, a Saturn conjunct Sun transit can bring rewards such as a huge promotion or a raise. These rewards are even more appreciated because of how hard won they are.

A Saturn transit to the 10th house can bring a harvest of amazing recognition. It can elevate a person to a new plateau that they had not reached yet until that moment.

Be wary and careful though because Saturn also teaches us hard lessons, even cutting and cruel ones, if we don’t keep in line or don’t keep our noses clean. A Saturn transit through the 10th house can also bring a downfall a la Richard Nixon. It can be a devastating blow to a person’s spirit and sense of self. Same thing with a Saturn transit conjunct the Sun, or any important angles towards the sun. Some reap really bad luck, or karma, during these transits, some negative karma during these transits are from years or decades of not working right, or lacking integrity. And some negative karma are sowed from many past lives.

Every farmer wants a good harvest and probably most people too. Those with a good head on their shoulders will reap a healthy and abundant harvest and those that have neglected their work, a lot not even in this current life, will reap painful and unwanted bad luck, or karma.

Use your hard lessons to avoid making the same mistakes in the future and use the pain to avoid lacking morals and ethics. Saturn is watching, for some people with their astrological charts, they reap near instant karma, when they fall off the rails on purpose, or lack order or morals. A lot of others will get away with shady business deals and immoral decisions for lifetimes, that is until they have the ‘instant’ karma mark in their spirits, and astrological charts. Remember, enlightenment can be painful but sometimes pain is needed in order to grow. There will still be pleasure though, sometimes the pleasure is well deserved, and sometimes it’s not. But enjoy whatever pleasures you can from whatever form it comes in, that you prefer.