The first Saturn Return of Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart Tolle is one of the most famous spiritualists in the world today. His book, The Power Of Now helped propel him to fame. Published in 1999, but by 2000, the book was a force to be reckoned with. Over the next decade and a half, the book has now become one of the most popular spiritual books of the new millennium.

Eckhart knows a lot about intuition and ‘stillness’, for he felt there was a second book ready to be born from him. Ready to be written. And finally, in 2005 A New Earth was published. Again, another hit. The man is widely praised, of course, with also many critics and naysayers watching his every move too.

But, how did Eckhart come to this place of success, and more importantly, happiness? His childhood was emotionally unstable, for his situation with his parents didn’t help his mental state. As he grew, he perhaps unconsciously slipped into situational bouts of depression, and anxiety.

He ended up being well educated as he grew up. But his bouts of depression, and anxiety continued despite his academic success. Eckhart admitted to even keeping up with his studies, not out of inspiration, but out of fear.

Then came Eckhart’s spiritual awakening experience. He was 29 years old and saw a splitting of his thoughts, and his ‘real self’. Perhaps Buddhists would call this a spiritual awakening, or enlightenment. After 29 years of struggling with his depression, and his mental stresses, this ‘breaking’ of his mental process from his ‘being’, he had found a profound peace that he had never felt in his 29 years of life.

This breakthrough was an extreme example that the Saturn Return can turn one person’s life upside down. Because thanks to this ‘awakening’ that Eckhart had, he later on went on to write ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth.’

For Saturn brings a rich harvest for those who live and walk their integrity. Sometimes after years of bitter tears and suffering.

Eckhart’s situational anxiety and depression had taught Eckhart enough. He no longer needed his anxiety and depression as his teacher. Eckhart teaches that some people need their suffering in order to learn. My guess is sometimes this suffering can last lifetimes.

This is part one of my Eckhart Tolle’s Saturn Return series. The Second one will come soon.

Your North Node, your lifetime

In astrology, the north node is a theme during one’s lifetime, from the time the person is born, until they pass away. It’s usually a struggle for the person to move away from their south node, until they get comfortable with their North Node. In fact, it may be a life long process, and an ongoing lesson for the person incarnated. It may be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be hell, or tedious, or even perplexing.

In truth, one doesn’t have to fret if they don’t meet the demands of the North Node right away, or even by the time they’re 30. It’s better to think of the North Node as a 80/90 year journey (unless the person dies early), instead of one abrupt, simple stroke.

Take a North node in the 12th house person. This means they have North Node in the 6th house. A 6th house South Node may mean the person spent many of their past lives (at least three??) being ‘on’, being an example for their community, working many jobs, analyzing, discerning, thinking, being obsessed with details, being responsible, etc, etc. Now, with their North Node in the 12th house, they are given many opportunities, to learn about 12th house subject, and to loosen their grip on their 6th house habits.

That’s not to say that they should just throw all of their South Node skills away. The name of ‘the game’ is balance. The 12th house North Node person, must balance over analyzing and driving themselves crazy with over-analysis, or overdoing their 12th house ‘letting go’ process. Of course, overplaying the 12th house ‘surrender’ games can lead to sloppy, muddy, and troublesome waters. How 12th house is that?

Don’t worry too much though, the North Node is a life long theme, not a fleeting moment type of thing. A person will have many chances to honor their North Node themes, and other lessons. Of course, if one believes in karma, or reincarnation, one must wonder if one’s choices will lead to repeating the North Node lesson. Of course, one may spend MORE THAN ONE LIFETIME, working on one subject. Do we get the same North Node for a few lifetimes, say, half a dozen? No one knows, but perhaps we might face, at

-least similar situations, and lessons, if one doesn’t learn it the first time, or second. Anyone reading seen Groundhog Day? If one feels they’ve failed a lesson, they must meditate and reflect. Of course, there is always free will, or one feels they don’t need to learn a lesson. It’s all up to the one incarnated into this 3D hologram, known as Earth. The universe is giving and loving, and will give said incarnated person, many chances.